A New BMTN Year Is Underway!

The BMTN held its annual summer workshop in July, welcoming 15 new members into the network.

During the workshop, the new BMTN members spent two days learning about the aim of the network, our theory of change (driver diagram), principles of improvement science and how to apply these to their own instructional routines. Our veteran members then spent three days with the new members reviewing instructional routine problems, the driver diagram and the three dimensions of student engagement—Connect, Solve, and Justify. The workshop closed with teachers collaboratively planning for their first round of PDSA testing in the new school year.

The BMTN is pleased to announce our new 2018-19 members:

  • Kaitlyn Bartlett – Newport, ME
  • Omar Benavides – Providence, RI
  • Lisa Biswas – Providence, RI
  • William Burns – Rockport, ME
  • Tara Cloutier – Bedford, NH
  • David Cimato – Windham, ME
  • Enkeleda Gjoni – Boston, MA
  • Heather MacDonald – Hinesburg, VT
  • Monika Moore – Meriden, CT
  • Patty Nickerson – Falmouth, ME
  • Joanne Pare – Exeter, NH
  • Suzette Pelletier – Brewer, ME
  • Amanda Peterson – Danbury, CT
  • Allison Reynolds – Windham, ME
  • Lynn Wesley – Dalton, MA

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