Better Math Teaching NetworkNetworked Improvement Community Network Member Spotlight: Monique Rousselle Maynard

Network Member Spotlight: Monique Rousselle Maynard

This month, we feature Monique Rousselle Maynard. Since joining the network in 2017, Monique has been an enthusiastic, highly collaborative member of the BMTN.  Here’s what Monique said about what she enjoys most about teaching algebra: “With regard to the content, I like the flexibility of multi-representations that give options for entry into problem solving, the families of functions addressed by the curriculum, and the expansive possibilities for real-world connections that can enhance a student’s understanding of functional relationships. With regard to the students, I like that my freshmen are malleable, willing to engage in new approaches to learning, and open to the idea that they might really be able to enjoy math!”

Photo of Monique Roussard

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