Our Work in Action

For Sarah Dominick, who teaches at Brewer High School in Brewer, ME, her change idea focuses on providing her students with an environment in which they can take ownership of their learning.

“I am working on giving my students time and structure to make quality connections in math. Before the BMTN, I would introduce a new topic by telling my students how it connected to previous material. I am now giving them structured tasks to help students see these connections on their own,” Sarah noted.

“We are also taking time to discuss these connections both in small groups as well as whole class. I have learned that making connections takes time. Each PDSA trial takes longer than I plan. That being said, students also learn more than I plan! They make connections I hadn’t thought of, or hoped for. They are looking at content differently now and are beginning to be able to discuss ideas instead of procedures,” said Sarah.

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