Better Math Teaching NetworkNetworked Improvement Community Celebrating BMTN Teacher Accomplishments

Celebrating BMTN Teacher Accomplishments

The algebra teachers from New England at the center of our Networked Improvement Community are leaders on the front lines in classrooms. This is especially the case given the disruption COVID has brought to our schools. We appreciate all that these teachers have done to ensure their students are safe, secure, and well-educated. Please celebrate with us some of their additional accomplishments over the last year.

  • Kaitlyn Bartlett, Julie McFarland, and Ellen Payne, presenting at the ATMNE Conference 
  • David Cimato, presented virtually to high school math and science faculty on how to engage learners using Flipgrid/Desmos
  • Debbie Kowalczyk, presented Using Student Centered Routines to Increase Engagement at the NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition
  • Benadette Manning, recipient of the 2020-21 Computer Science Teaching Excellence Award 
  • Ellen Payne, recipient of the 2021 Jacqueline Mitchell Mathematics Educator Award
  • Suzette Pelletier, scheduled to present at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine (AOTOMIM) (cancelled due to COVID)
  • Gina Sheehan, pursuing doctorate in education – educational leadership
  • Heather Vonada, Tara Sharkey, Julie St. Martin, Ben WinchellDonna Brink, Toni Smith and Kirk Walters scheduled to present at the National NCTM Conference (cancelled due to COVID)
  • Ben Winchell, promoted to lead teacher of the Mathematics Department at Pinkerton Academy

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